The vision of EJ Beverage is to enhance quality by manufacturing tubing and connectors for food and beverage markets globally. 

Barrier Properties

EJ Beverage tubing products offer superior barrier properties, increased flexibility, and optimal clarity.

  • Exceptional barrier properties help prevent cross contamination of flavor and aroma

  • Ultra-low extractables/leachables assure product quality and taste

  • Polished inner surface increases flushability and inhibits bacterial adhesion


EJ Beverage Ultra Barrier Silverâ„¢ antimicrobial products contain silver ions that inhibit the growth of bacteria and other microbes in food and beverage applications.

  • Active antimicrobial formula provides the highest level of quality assurance between cleaning cycles

  • Promotes consistency of product which impacts brand loyalty

  • Independent laboratory testing conducted by the Research Center Weihenstephan for Brewing and Food Technology in Germany, validates the prevention of both biofilm and bacterial growth within tubing and connectors


EJ Beverage manufactures tubing and connectors with NO PVC or BPA providing safe and effective alternatives for the food and beverage markets.

Our Products:

  • Contain no phthalates, DEHP additives or other harmful plasticizers, allowing for a clean flow of product

  • Are manufactured using environmentally friendly methods with no harmful emissions or by-products

  • Offer ease of use through flexibility and visual clarity to enhance quality assurance